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What we learnt from our dogs

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

A couple of years ago, Mayu and I set out to train the dogs. We went to training classes, read books, asked friends…. Now after a couple of years we can say how much we got trained in the process. Here is a quick presentation that we gave at Pecha Kucha about these “lessons for life”. Enjoy.

Butt wait, I think I discovered something ….

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

It has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence anymore. Way too many times.

Almost every milestone that Savi has reached was first reached when she lay butt naked on the bathroom floor (don’t you worry, there is a playmat under her butt). Is there a hidden lesson here?

Couple of nights back, Savi finally rolled over from her back to on to her tummy for the first time. And then, in the next half hour, she had done it at least ten more times. Watching her made it seem obvious that her bare bottom had a hand in it … I wish someone was there to watch ! ( I am telling you there wasn’t anyone else …just in case you comeback and ask for proof ;) …except Lucky …but then, cats are big liars :)) . It seemed like she needed to put the technique into action just once and then it was all about perfecting it.

I suggest all we parents do a little research study here …give all newborns some “bare butt time” everyday and then track their development. We might actually see that they reach some physical milestones sooner merely because we are not tasking them with doing things in their lives, for the very first time, wearing what seems to be a space suite around their already somewhat chubby bottoms ;). Seems obvious when I word it that way, doesn’t it ?

Bottom line.? Savi is going to have a lot of “bare butt time” going forth…since I am fairly convinced that I have a point here. She might have a bone to pick with me when she gets older ….but then, she’ll have plenty of those and hopefully I will have learnt how to deal with her by then ;)

Black and white images for babies

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

This month I am staying at home and taking care of Savi. Has been awesome. Its just amazing seeing a child grow. She is now three months and few a few days. Looks at everything.


Made some sketches for her to see. These are Black and White images that i drew a few days back. Thought I would share it with any parent out there who would want to download them, print them on card stock and print them on paper and stick them on cards for your child.

Feel free to use them, stick them on things and gift them to friends who have kids. Black and white or high contrast images are supposed to stimulate the infants the most. Print them large if you can and you will be amazed at how your child will just gaze at the images.


Once they grow up, just use the pictures for telling stories and coloring.
Download these Images as a PDF file

Legal disclaimers apply: please see “about nammamane”. Also please ask me before you use them for profit.


mobileWe have stuck them on card stock and bent it into a triangle. Then we put them on the mobile in the pack and play. Now we have a mobile where we can just change the picture every once in a while by just moving it from one anchor point to the other.